What is SEO- how to do and why is it necessary for the blog?

These questions often cause many new bloggers very annoying. In today’s digital era, if you want to come to the public, then online is the only way where you can be present in front of millions of people together. In this digital era, if you want to come to the public, then online is the only way where you can get together in front of crore of people. If you want here you can either attend the video or you can get your point of view by your content. But to do this, you have to come in the first pages of search engines as these are those pages which visitors like more and also trust. But reaching here is not as easy as you have to do your article correct SEO. That means they need to be optimized correctly so that they can rank in them. And its process is called SEO.

It is so important because if you have written any good article, if your article has not been properly ranked then the possibilities of traffic will be very less. In this way all the writers’ work goes into the water (wastage). So if you are serious about blogging then you should keep the information about SEO in mind. It does not have any rules, but rather it is based on something and it constantly changes.

One thing to note is that if someone tells you that he is a big SEO expert, then never believe him, because no one has ever mastery over SEO. This is such a thing and with time it changes according to the needs and demand, But there are some fundamentals of SEO that are always the same. Therefore, it is important that bloggers always keep themselves updated with new SEO techniques. This will know about the trends in the market, from which you too. Make the necessary changes in your articles which will help you to rank later means in future.

“I have given you a lot of information related to blogging, which can be useful for making your blog successful, but more important than all those things which are very important to achieve success in the career of blogging is that SEO.


    “Search Engine Optimization”

We all know what the search engine is all about. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, besides other search engines like Bing, Yahoo. With the help of SEO, we can put our blog on No.1 position on all search engines.

Let’s say we go to Google and search for anything by typing keyword, and then Google shows you the same content as related to that keyword. The content that we see comes from all different blogs. The result that we see above is at No.1 rank in Google, when he has kept his place at the top. On No.1 means that SEO has been used very well in the blog so that it gets more visitors and that is why the blog has become very popular.

SEO helps to bring our blog to No.1 rank in Google. It’s a technique that puts your website at the top of the search engine’s search result, which increases the number of visitors. At the top of your website search result, the internet user will first be able to visit your site so that your site is more likely to get more traffic and your income starts getting better. It is very important to use SEO to increase your website.

     “Why SEO is important for blog?”

You know what SEO is, let’s now know why it is important for blogs. We use SEO to make our website accessible to people. Suppose I created a website and posted good quality content in it but if we did not use SEO then our  website would not be able to reach people and there would be no money by making  website.

If we do not use SEO, whenever a user performs a keyword search then your website will be able to access your website if there is any content related to that keyword, because the search engine will not be able to find our site nor will our. The content of the website will be stored on your database, which will make it difficult to get traffic to your website.

Understanding SEO is not so difficult if you teach it to make your blog very good and can increase its value in the search engine. When you use SEO to teach it for your blog, you will not see the result immediately, for that you have to be patient and do your work. Because the fruit of patience is sweet and your hard work will look up to you.

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